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Human Future Management

Strategy and development

We focus our acquisition choices on 3 and 4 star hotels located in the heart of French business and tourist destinations, all of which have a history, a heritage and a well-known regional identity.

We manage our own hotels and are interested in the acquisition of hotel properties and management on behalf of third parties, mainly in the following destinations:
– Paris center, La Baule, Biarritz, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Nice, Chamonix… for leisure destinations.
– Paris center, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille… for business destinations.

The hotel business is a superb and totally indispensable part of the travel and tourism chain. Airlines and tour operators have had to adapt to survive, but no matter how you get to your vacation destination, accommodation is a must.

By considering only “triple A” locations in French tourist and business destinations, we create a real estate portfolio that is enhanced and maintained through rigorous operations.

Real estate is at the heart of our strategy without ignoring the value of retail. By optimizing and bringing in our management and distribution expertise, we also create value in the fund.

We are looking for equity or quasi-equity investors for the next 5 hotels.

We invite you to visit our hotels, L’Initial**** in Toulouse, Le Bois d’Imbert*** in Rocamadour and the Château de Fontanges*** in Rodez.