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At the origin of HFM Hotels, Franck Manna.

In 2015, this passionate entrepreneur of the hotel industry, former General Manager and President of the Park&Suites Group for nearly 10 years, made the following observation: there are fewer and fewer 4-star hotels today offering services at the right price!

He then decided to start writing the adventure of the HFM Hotels Group and based its development on a simple principle: hotel conceptualization based on 3 dimensions. The human, the future and the management.

By building projects focused on friendly living spaces, by shaping them to meet tomorrow’s trends and by pooling the know-how of its employees, HFM Hotels offers high-end experiences for everyone at the right price.

HFM Hotels is now 4 addresses in France with unique designs for experiences that are unique.


It is also more than 50 employees who bend over backwards to pamper you and create tailor-made experiences!

The hotel business is a superb and totally indispensable part of the travel and tourism chain. Airlines and tour operators have had to adapt to survive, but no matter how…
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We focus our acquisition choices on 3 and 4 star hotels located in the heart of French business and tourist destinations, all of which have a history, a heritage and…
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